For the second consecutive year and with the goal of contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates, the Nova Transportadora do Sudeste- NTS has turned public the selection process for social projects to be supported through foment laws in Brazil (Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte - Lei Federal nº 11.438/06, PRONON/PRONAS -  Lei Federal nº 12.715/12, FIA - Lei Federal nº 8.069/90, artigo 260 /FUMCAD - Lei Municipal nº 11.247/92 e Lei do Idoso - Lei Federal nº 10.741/03).

After an evaluation made by a team from institution Instituto da Criança and by an Organizing and Judging Committee formed by the internal team at NTS, social projects that were in tune with the evaluation criteria listed in the selection document and that answered to the general participation conditions were pre-selected. 

As per our rules, the pre-selected projects were reached via e-mail. In addition to that, we reiterate that the next phase will be dedicated to the process of documentation gathering and communication between NTS and the selected institutions, with support from the Instituto da Criança. The financial support will be confirmed only after the approval of all documentation needed and the signing of the sponsorship contract between the parties. 

NTS thanks all projects that subscribed and informs that the non-selected participants in this process have been entered into our project data-base.