An itinerant project supported by NTS is taking the Monet a Beira D’Água exhibition to public schools in the state of Rio, bringing art closer to more than 9,000 students. The idea is to bring some of the experience of the exhibition into the school environment, on display on Olympic Boulevard, in downtown Rio.

On 10th May, it was the turn of the Manoel Gomes Municipal School, in Belford Roxo, in the baixada fluminense, to receive the project visit. The interaction with the students includes the presentation of the works and their stories in a playful way, through virtual reality glasses that transport children to the immersive show of the french artist.

A complete report was produced by the television news RJ1. You can check out the video here.

The project will also visit schools in 13 municipalities in Rio, throughout this month.

Check out the full calendar:

13/05 - Guapimirim
16/05 - Silva Jardim
17/05 - Macaé
18/05 - Rio das Ostras
19/05 -  Casimiro de Abreu
20/05 - Itaboraí
23/05 - Volta Redonda
24/05 - Resende 
25/05 - Barra Mansa
26/05 - Piraí
27/05 - Pinheiral
30/05 - Duque de Caxias 
31/05 - Paracambi