NTS was authorized by the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) to start the construction of GASIG, a new 11 km long natural gas pipeline that will connect the cities of Itaborai and Guapimirim. The pipeline, scheduled to be concluded in 2023, will have a transport capacity of 18.2 million m³ of gas per day, enabling the flow of the gas from the pre-salt layer through Route 3.

After the establishment of the new Gas Law in 2021, this is the first Public Call for contracting capacity and construction of a transport gas pipeline in Brazil, consolidating this segment as a fundamental cog in the natural gas chain and the pioneering spirit of NTS in the sector.

As another step in the project's implementation, the ANP Board of Directors approved a public consultation aimed at collecting contributions from economic agents and other interested parties, reinforcing transparency and public participation in the transport capacity contracting process of natural gas from GASIG.

The GASIG contracting process aims to identify the demand for the natural gas pipeline transport service offered and will result in the provision of a transport service in the firm modality at the Itaborai Entry Point for 15 years from 2023.

NTS takes an important step in its plan to expand its natural gas supply capacity in the country, strengthening the market and consolidating the company's position as a pioneer in the area.