The Brazilian natural gas market now has its first multi-transporter digital platform: the Capacity Booking Platform (POC, in portuguese). POC is a virtual space shared between Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolivia-Brasil - TBG, Nova Transportadora do Sudeste - NTS and Transportadora Associada de Gas - TAG. It allows equal access of market agents to new products and services of Brazil's natural gas transportation system, through Annual Extraordinary Products, Public Calls for Existing and Incremental Capacity, in addition to Short-Term Products, which have been available since the second half of 2020. The forecast to have NTS products available on the platform is in November, when we will make our open season.

The digital tool works as a marketplace for the sector, bringing the transparency and flexibility necessary for the development of free trading. Its a similar model to the European, in which several operators offer products and services to agents of the natural gas market through integrated platforms, such as Prisma, which brings together in a single environment the capacity offered by several carriers.

POC is a shared platform that, through a single registration of its users, offers a simplified model of contracting that can be carried out at any time, from anywhere, favoring the operation speed and promoting a more competitive scenario for the national market. In it, it is possible to register and contract the products offered in the Transport System that integrates the various sources of gas supply, including: national production basins (onshore and offshore – such as the pre-salt), Bolivia and LNG terminals , allowing competition and movement through a network of gas pipelines that integrate states that represent more than 90% of the Brazilian industrial GDP.

You can access the platform through the link POC offers users a similar experience to that of the main e-commerce platforms in the country, supported by sophisticated and modern software. The partnership signed in July between TBG, NTS and TAG sets a model of co-participation in managing, development, maintenance and operation of the digital platform.