In order to contribute to sustainable development, NTS selected, through the 2018 Social Projects for Incentive Laws notice, 10 programs that operate in communities where the company's pipelines pass through the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais to receive financial support.

In all, there were 110 valid entries, all by the following laws: Sports Incentive Law (LIE), PRONON/PRONAS, FIA (Child and Adolescent Fund)/FUMCAD (Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents) and Elderly Law. Check out the 10 projects selected by the NTS Organizing and Judging Commission in partnership with the Instituto da Criança [The children´s institute] team.


1) CPTI - Centro Promocional Tia Ileide
: Coexist and Strengthen Bonds, complementary education in after school activities. 

It promotes a space of coexistence, of knowledge exchange, focused on training for the development of autonomy and critical exercise of citizenship. CPTI-assisted families express to their work teams a desire to have a place to help them get children away from drugs and crime.
Impact: 420 children and adolescents
Location: Campinas/São Paulo

2) Regional Organization to Fight Cancer
: SUPPORT, psychotherapeutic care for children of cancer patients. 

It has been found that during parental cancer treatment, many children and adolescents suffer a negative impact, such as decreased school performance and other emotional impacts. The project aims to support these children of cancer patients with workshops on nutrition, psychological care and educational support.
Impact: 30 families
Location: Betim/Minas Gerais

3) Fundação Julita
Integral Health for Quality of Life and Social Coexistance, psychotherapeutic care. 

The project seeks to contribute to the improvement of the physical, emotional and cognitive health of the population living in and around the Jardim São Luís region, which lives in a situation of social vulnerability. The region is classified in Group 5 (high vulnerability) of the Fundação Sistema Estadual de Análise de Dados [State data analysis system foundation].
Impact: 1,550 students
Location: São Paulo

4) Instituto Verter
See at School 2017, eye care in public schools. 

Eye care and treatment (including donation of glasses) for children and adolescents conducted in person at low-income municipal schools.
Impact: 20,000 students
Location: Municipality of São Paulo


5) Instituto SOS Reviver
 Project:  Judô
Mais que Ouro [Judo More than Gold], of social inclusion through judo practice. 

The objective of the project is to help combat social inequality and to promote actions for the group of young participants to choose healthier lifestyles away from drugs, using judo as an educational sport. It also promotes educational, cultural and artistic activities, lectures and training.
Impact: 100 students
Location: Nova Iguaçu/Rio de Janeiro

6) Ajudôu
Sport Citizen Year II, social inclusion through the practice of futsal, volleyball and judo. 

It promotes improvement in the quality of life of young participants, through notions of discipline, organization, collectivity, the need to create goals and objectives for life development.
Impact: 480 children and adolescents
Location: Brumadinho/Minas Gerais

7) Associação Bauruense de Desportos Future, of social inclusion through swimming, diving and polo practice. 

Free diving lessons, swimming and polo will be taught, revitalizing and opening the water park of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro for residents of the locality.
Impact: 500 people
Location: Seropédica/Rio de Janeiro

8) Fundação Gol de Letra
Open Game at Vila, social inclusion through the practice of judo, futsal and capoeira. 

The program contributes to the integral education of children and adolescents in 7 public schools in São Paulo, through sports, educational and social learning, involving their families.
Impact: 796 children and adolescents
Location: São Paulo

9)  Associação Desportiva para Deficientes - ADD 

Project: ADD Forming Champions - Year II, social inclusion through adapted sport 

Specialized training in bowling, wheelchair basketball, athletics, swimming and table tennis to develop the athletic potential of young people with disabilities.
Impact: 60 athletes from 13 years old
Location: São Paulo

10) Instituto Superar
Paralympic Talent Search Year II, social inclusion & performance sport. 

Training in 3 Paralympic modalities: athletics, bowling and swimming, with multidisciplinary attendance, sports coaching and psychological orientation.
Impact: 60 people
Location: Suzano/São Paulo

Criteria for selecting those selected included social impact, applicability (including partnerships, ease of execution, and predictability of continuity without NTS resources), integrity, transparency, and respect for human rights.

Entries could be made between August 22 to October 18, 2018.