The first round of equipments donated by NTS to the Policlínica Itália Franco, in Japeri (RJ), were delivered in May. Three ventilators and five hospital beds, with mattresses, were made available to the clinic. An extra 35 beds were already purchased and will be delivered shortly.

NTS’ goal is to habilitate, by the end of May, 20 ICU beds and 20 infirmary beds to help attend to patients infected with Covid-19.

Before the donation, the clinic- the only one in a city with 104,000 people- had only two ventilators, five infirmary beds and no ICU beds at all. The daily average of patients attended at the clinic, which also receives patients from neighbor towns Seropedica, Queimados and Paracambi, is between 300 and 350.

“Our budget was only to cover our costs. We were able to recently refurbish our structure, so we have space, but did not have money to invest in equipment”, explains Rosi Moraes, Japeri’s Secretary of Health.

As the equipment is delivered, they are immediately put in use by patients who were waiting for them. 

“With this donation, we are going to be able to attend to all our citizens, without need to transport them to other cities. It is an incredible help, that comes to save us”, celebrates Rosi.

Donations by NTS
NTS has donated a total of 6 million Brazilian Reais, to be divided between the Policlínica Itália Franco, in Japeri, and the Modular Emercencial hospital, in Nova Iguaçu. A campaign with NTS employees is also gathering food to be donated to institutions that attend to families in social vulnerability situations in Nova Iguaçu. All of these initiatives have the support of the Instituto da Criança.