Almost two years after the launch of the first multi-carrier digital environment in Brazil, the Capacity Offer Portal (POC), shared between Nova Transportadora do Sudeste - NTS, Transportadora Associada de Gás - TAG, and Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolivia-Brasil SA - TBG, presents a new visual identity and functionalities.

The new website has a more modern design and features that facilitate navigation, offering a better user experience to quickly and intuitively consult and contract natural gas transportation products and services. This includes the reorganization of product information and categories.

The POC moves towards harmonizing the products and forms of contracting between the different carriers of the integrated system and facilitating the user experience, taking inspiration from the large international marketplace sites.

The update of the website occurs in the second half of February and is expected to enable more transactions between agents and, thus, increase the integration of natural gas supply sources in the country.

The Portal makes it possible to streamline, through a single registration, transport contracts that integrate the various sources of supply, including: national production basins (onshore and offshore), Bolivia and LNG terminals, promoting competition and movement for a network of gas pipelines belonging to states that represent more than 90% of the Brazilian industrial GDP.

The POC allows isonomic access for market agents to consult and hire new products and services in the integrated transport system, such as: public calls for existing and incremental capacity; extraordinary products (eg short term); connection request for access to the carriers' system; and interruptible products.