With the intent to promote development based on knowledge and exchange of experiences, NTS sent, in the end of April, two of its employees for technical visits to companies and participation at an American Gas Association conference. Vinicius Araujo, natural gas measurement and quality engineer, and Lauro Campos, operation and maintenance manager, immersed themselves in new experiences for a week. Below is a summary of their work on the trip:

Technical visit to CEESI, in Iowa
The purpose of the visit was to understand the calibration process of the ultrasonic meters. On the occasion, they raised the possible interest of CEESI in setting up a structure in Brazil - a measure that would benefit NTS’ operations due to the reduction of the calibration time and the reduction of costs, as today all the units are abroad.

Technical visit to Tory-Tech, in Houston
During the visit to the company that supplies Flowcal, software used by the main companies in the world to detect flaws in the measurement system - which is also being implemented by the NTS measurement and quality area - they had the opportunity to get to know Macrom, software for managing control rooms that already meet the requirements of ISO standards.

Technical visit to Energy Transfer, in Houston
During the visit to the Energy Transfer control center, they learned about the structure of the company's operational headquarters. Energy Transfer has 138,000 km of gas pipelines and is responsible for delivering 30% of natural gas to the USA, with around 1,000 delivery points. During the visit, it was possible to understand how the company's operation is carried out - the control centers dedicated to each network of gas pipelines, the number of operators per shift and how the routine of every working day is set up.

Participation at conference
The American Gas Association (AGA) is an organization that develops and publishes standards for the natural gas industry. In the most part, those standards are focused on measurement and quality of natural gas. These standards are used in Brazil for compliance to the technical regulations of the ANP (National Oil Agency).

The AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition & Spring Committee Meetings conference is an annual event. It is the world’s most important event for management of operations for companies that transportate and distribute natural gas. It has 600 
exhibitors and more than 100 technical presentations covering various topics, such as measurement and quality of natural gas, integrity, safety, environment, engineering and maintenance.

The event has a strong focus on the operational area, especially in the area of ​​measurement and quality of natural gas, addressing AGA’s requirements. In addition, it guides the new directions of technology, such as new operating software, internet of things, augmented reality, etc.

On the occasion, Vinicius and Lauro shared technical knowledge, ideas and practices, got to know the new technologies and equipment in order to make possible what is best applied in the world for NTS.