One of the most important events about pipelines worldwide, the Rio Pipeline Conference (RPC) 2021 started today (11/09), organized by the IBP - Petroleum and Gas Brazilian Institute. This year's event is sponsored by NTS and some of the company's representatives participated in lectures and debates.

Eduardo Merçon, NTS Operations Manager, was the mediator in the lecture “New Technologies and Applications: Centralized Operations”. The meeting discussed the greatest challenges and recent technological advances aimed at operational excellence in pipeline control centers. Logistics integration models, new technological tools and implementation of operating systems were presented and debated with the public.

Merçon gave a presentation about the company and reinforced that the organization is strongly positioned in the face of the new gas market - after taking over the operation of its pipelines in 2021.

“We are in line with the new entry and exit model that is being designed for next year. Through the Scada System, in our Operational Control Center (OCC), we monitor the operation of our extensive network, which daily handles 55 million cubic meters of gas and serves the main states in the Southeast of Brazil.”, said the Manager.

The session also featured speakers Bruno Ebecken, General Manager of Logistics Integration and Operations at Transpetro, Conrad Fonseca, Project Manager at TAG, and Carlos Ranzani, CCO at TGN.

NTS sets up its first virtual stand in the Rio Pipeline Conference

The company built a virtual stand on the event's digital platform, which simulates the circulation of the public, enabling the choice of lecture halls and the exchange of messages with other participants and exhibitors. Participants visiting the NTS space will be able to see a series of videos and technical works.