Focused on safety concerns, in January and February, NTS collaborators participated in the facilities of the PMS Consultoria Training Center, located in Paulínia (SP), in a theoretical and practical emergency training with natural gas and accidental typologies. There were two classes, with a total of 19 participants. With fire simulations, the team was prepared to respond to hazardous situations.

The objective was to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in order to prevent and act in any emergency situations that may occur during activities performed by NTS collaborators. Among the theoretical content were explanations of the physical and chemical properties of natural gas and the chemical composition of natural gas and the recognition of emergencies in confined places.

Among the practices, students were instructed on accidental typologies, on the proper use of PPE and RPE and on fire fighting techniques. In total there were 16 hours of training and all participants received a certificate at the end of the course.