After months of great dedication, NTS concluded their Training Courses at the end of 2020. The courses were developed in partnership with UniBP. Altogether, there were 3 virtual ceremonies to close the theoretical cycle of 75 new technicians and CCO operators, who were trained in 6 different functions that they will soon be exercising.

There were about 6 months of full-time classes, totaling more than 1,650 class hours. Even though we only knew each other by video - the whole hiring process and all the theoretical lessons so far were remote - what we saw was a lot of companionship and unity.

Each class was able to present messages that were marked by emotion and gratitude. The year 2020 brought intense challenges, which were overcomed with great learning and dedication. Class average scores were above 9.5. 

UnIBP, NTS partner in this project, congratulated the company for the Course, which was offered to many people at the same time, with disciplines completely customized by NTS itself and also in the online modality: “What NTS is doing is historical in the sector” , defined Karen Cubas.

People and Management Manager, Fabricio Bellotti spoke to all classes, and highlighted the importance of daily achievements and maintaining learning. “The completion of this course is a great victory, but it is only the beginning. Don't stop here, keep on developing, provoke yourselves, the company and your colleagues ”, he encouraged.

Paranymph of all NTS classes, Professor Walmir Gomes emphasized the courage of the company to invest in training people in such a complicated time, and hailed the commitment and gratitude of the students after receiving such an opportunity.

Caetano Frisoli, Gas Pipeline Manager, praised the activities that NTS has performed to put into practice the objective of primarization: training of people, resources for the field, works in support areas and bases, system adaptation and documents, design of transition steps, etc. To close the ceremonies, the General Manager of Operations made a point of celebrating the achievement of everyone and emphasized the feeling of cooperation that is noticeable within the classes. “We faced a lot of challenges and we got here. You had dedication and seriousness, congratulations!”.

The new phase is for practical training, to later take up their positions in the operation.

See the functions in which the professionals were trained.
- Compression Station technicians;
- PCM (Maintenance Planning and Control) technicians
- ROW (Right of Way) technicians
- Safety Officers
- Station technicians
- CCO operators