The process of approval of the New Gas Law enters its final stretch: the Bill 6.407 / 13, which is to be voted on by Congress, is the result of a wide discussion involving all market agents, being the piece that the natural gas “puzzle” in Brazil was missing.

The new law guarantees the effective opening of the market by facilitating the entry of new agents and creating conditions for the use and monetization of pre-salt gas. These two actions, added to those for the unbundling of the industry, from production to distribution, are sufficient to generate liquidity and stimulate the creation of a competitive and transparent market, the benefits of which will be perceived throughout the chain, especially by end consumers. It is not news that we have known for a long time what needs to be done for this market to prosper, but we have never been so close to taking the fundamental step in this direction.

The European market shows us the way forward to be successful: unbundling of agents, autonomy to the regulator, agile processes for the expansion of infrastructure and the adoption of the Entry and Exit model. And all this with due legal certainty, assuring respect for existing contracts and providing an adequate transition period for companies to adapt to the new model.

The time has come for all agents in this complex value chain to move in the same direction and engage in the approval of PL 6.407 / 13. Brazil has only to gain from it!