NTS invests in continuous improvement and the highest safety standards in its operations. Proof of this is the recovery of one of ECOMP Guararema's motor compressors (MC-A) - the only station with gas compressors driven by high voltage electric motors. Activities for the resumption of equipment began after the insourcing of activities by NTS, and ended at the end of June 2022.


In addition to the efforts of an efficient and qualified team, the arrival of components for the speed variator from Germany was necessary, and the stages of assembly, revision of inputs and auxiliary systems of the motor/speed variator/compressor set took place.


 The work involved the joint action of several NTS teams, involved from the purchasing and contracting processes, budget control, technical monitoring and execution of field activities and, now, they celebrate the recovery of the motor compressor that had been idle for 10 years


The team described the process for reactivation, in this last step, check it out:


After the assembly, inspection and testing activities on the system components, the commissioning of the MC-A began

1. Simulations of starts, stops and trips

· Tests of the start procedure and stop command

· Testing of trip signals based on the cause and effect matrix of the protection system

2. “Test running”

· Operation of the compressor in recycle for 8 uninterrupted hours

3. Acceptance test

· Assisted operation for 148 hours

4. Finally, system startup:

· The tests and verifications carried out on the MC-A were carried out with the manufacturers and their representatives and the equipment was released for operation on 06/28/2022.