Focusing on its ongoing development, NTS participated from March 18-21 at the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany. Engineers Fernando Nunes and Pedro Gea were the company's representatives at Europe's premier pipeline systems conference and exhibition.

With lectures and presentations, participants were in contact with knowledge and service providers to exchange experiences on the latest onshore and offshore technologies and to talk about new projects that support energy strategies around the world.

For Fernando Nunes, it was an intense brainstorm, with daily learning:

“The experience of having access to many other pipeline operators in the world and understanding how they are working towards excellence in their operations is amazing. We are confident that NTS is on the right track to become a reference in natural gas transportation management. "

Some of the main themes of the conference were pipeline integrity, digital transformation and the phenomenon of clandestine bypass around the world. Within this last subject, one of the highlights pointed out by Fernando were the panels presented by professionals from Brazil and Nigeria, at the closing of the congress, which showed their respective views on how to deal with the situation. The message given by the representatives of each country highlighted the need to address the issue at a global level of collaboration, not only in terms of technology, but also in social development, relationships with communities and the involvement of relevant authorities.