NTS will help to abilitate around 60 ICU and infirmary beds at Policlínica Itália Franco, in Japeri, and Modular Estadual hospital, in Nova Iguaçu. The donation of 6 million Brazilian Reais is part of an effort to actively help, in this delicate moment, some of the communities in which NTS operates. The initiative has the support of important institutions, such as the Instituto da Criança and the União Rio movement.

The amount will be destined to activate or reactivate ICU and infirmary beds, as well as acquiring equipments, such as ventilators, monitors and personal protective equipment for health care workers. All of these materials will help in the treatment of patients infected with Covid-19.

In addition to reiterating our commitment to exercise our activity in a sustainable way, we know that fighting Covid-19 is a task that demands collective efforts. This is why NTS extends the invitation to other companies to join us, so these two institutions can have proper funding. 

Together, we can go further. Go to www.institutodacrianca.org.br and learn more about how you can help.

In parallel to this donation to communities where NTS operates, we are coordinating many internal initiatives, always focused on the best for our employees and our operations. Listed below are some of those initiatives:

- Business continuity plan implemented and monitored weekly;
- Home office for corporate activities since March 17th;
- Flu vaccination for employees, their families and third parties;
- Support channel for medical, psychological and social assistance to employees;
- Weekly monitoring of risk groups and the health situation of employees;
- Live call with a doctor to answer questions about Covid-19;
- Open channel for informations and constant tips on Health and Safety;
- Monitoring the contingency plan and taking care of the employees of the third parties that support our operation.