NTS had 4 articles selected for Rio Oil & Gas 2020, which took place between December 1st and 3rd, on an online platform.

Below, we list the 4 papers with their abstracts and link to be read at the IBP online library.

1) Gas allocation system: innovative applications for the new gas market of a system that identifies the gas route in a pipeline network

Authors: Caroline Reis, Lauro Campos and Tiago Néry

SAQGAS identifies the gas route in a pipeline system, which means it defines the proportion of gas that reaches each delivery point from each receiving point. The original motivation for the article came from meeting the tax requirements that establish different rates for each gas source and destination. However, new objectives were found during the implementation of this software. The article describes the development of the mathematical model, the prerequisites for obtaining the desired results, as well as other applications used today: monitoring gas flow along the piping system, calculating intermediate flows for comparison with operational meters to detect measurement errors, calculation of the energy associated with the volume of gas delivered using information only from the chromatography receiving points, calculation of the energy stored in the gas pipelines and other applications.

2) Forest restoration project management: evaluation criteria and measurements

Authors: Cesar Vinciprova (NTS), Fernando Matsuno Ramos, Rodrigo de Almeida, Marcelo Leoni Schmid, Natalie Mendes Araújo, Fernando Cionek, Mariana Bensberg Alves Guedes, Otto Samuel Mader Netto, Rafael Edom Vilela (Forest Index)

The article presents the functionality of the methodology created by Nova Transportadora do Sudeste (NTS) and INDEX Group for forest restoration projects through technical and financial control of activities, based on established criteria that evaluate: frequency, quality and expected results in certain periods of time.

3) Application of a management system in a gas TSO

Authors: Tiago Miranda and Bruna Silva

The management model of an organization explains the main management methodologies and tools used by the company, which supports the way it works to achieve strategic objectives. At Nova Transportadora do Sudeste S / A (NTS), the management model is based on three pillars - Processes, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Goals - which support the vision of operational excellence. The present work explains how these concepts are applied and shows, through numerical data, the evolution of the company throughout its existence in the established parameters. Finally, it is presented how the management model can benefit the performance of the organization and add value to customers, shareholders and communities.

4) Management of change: how do develop an operational risk-based management program

Authors: Felipe Portela, Ana Carolina Lopes and Julia Costa

Change Management, the target of this work, makes up the Integrated Management System in one of its elements and is seen as a fundamental part for the NTS Zero Damage Program to be successful. The pipeline industry in Brazil lacks a Change Management Program that meets both regulatory specifications and international standards used by large companies worldwide.

This document provides an overview of the strategy applied by NTS to develop its first Change Management Program, focusing on the disciplines related to the company's operation.