In light of the recent increase in frauds in recruitment processes, NTS informs that it does not require, in its selective processes, any type of payment or promise of payment. It also does not offer any courses or obligates candidates to participate in specific courses or trainments. All of the requirements (including courses) for opening at the company are clearly informed in our website (click here for access). 

We have listed below some alert points, which can help you identify fraud:
* NTS does not use general public domain e-mail accounts (such as Gmail, Hotmail,, etc.) for its hiring processes.
* NTS recruitment processes have no costs for the candidate (visa fees, taxes, etc.).
* NTS does not request irrelevant or financial personal data, such as a passport, citizen card or bank account number during the selection process.
* NTS does not communicate recruitment via cell phone.
In case of doubts, contact us directly: