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Society and Environment

Report 2019

In this, our first sustainability report, we provide our stakeholders — investors, employees, customers, suppliers, peers, governments and local communities — with an account of our progress in building sustainability at NTS in 2019. Click here to read

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Respect for the environment and life is a non-negotiable value of NTS. This responsibility spans the entire company, from maintaining operations to developing new activities. NTS's actions respect strict safety standards, mitigate environmental externalities and enhance the social benefits inherent to its activities.

Therefore, at each undertaking, studies and programs are developed to identify and evaluate impacts on communities, fauna and flora, soil, water resources and air. In addition, measures are proposed to eliminate, minimize or compensate for negative impacts. The integration of the enterprise with the locality is a vital assumption of the company.

Environmental Licensing

Environmental Licensing allows the development of the company's activities in compliance with the law, throughout its life cycle.

In this process, the compliance with legal requirements, compliance with environmental conditions and, finally, the deadlines established for the requirements for renewal of the Operating Licenses are monitored.