On April 19th, NTS carried out the Gasification of PE/PR RPBC. The facility is bidirectional and can act as a receiving and delivery point. This enables the shipment of natural gas transported through GASAN to RPBC, a Petrobras refinery, located in Cubatão-SP.

The purpose of commissioning the PE/PR RPBC was to allow the delivery of gas to the RPBC refinery through NTS' own facility, with a capacity of 2.2 million m³/day. The measurement system consists of two sections in parallel, using meters with ultrasonic technology and an in-line chromatograph for analyzing and monitoring the quality of the gas.

The ultrasonic measurement technology is advantageous over others, as it has better accuracy, high rangeability, less uncertainty in flow measurement  and low maintenance, explained Measurement Engineer Vinicius Araujo.

To prove the perfect functioning of the meters, monitoring was carried out through the results of a self-diagnosis software. The data is obtained during the commissioning of the installation, indicating the health of the meters at that moment.

The facility also has a system for analyzing and monitoring the quality of natural gas, comprising of a chromatograph, a sulfur dioxide analyzer and a dew point controller.

The activity was carried out by an integrated task force between the areas of Measurement, Gas Pipelines and the Operational Control Center (OCC). Before carrying out the Gasification, all interfaces and responsibilities between Petrobras (Carreger) and NTS (Transporter and Operator) were defined by the Measurement and Quality Coordinator Maurício Casado.

The technical analysis of the engineering flowcharts, detailing of the measurement system and the mapping of the valves between NTS and RPBC was made by Vinicius Araujo. Operational redundancies and the receipt of data from the CCO by Specialist Gustavo Neves. And the planning and execution of field activities by the Gas Pipeline team was coordinated by the Maintenance Coordinator Danilo Ori.

"Prior to the gasification activities, we carried out several point-to-point tests, equipment by equipment, in order to analyze the real conditions of the PE/PR RPBC and plan the operation in a safe way, guaranteeing the integrity of the facilities, the continuity of supply and mainly the safety of our employees", said Danilo Ori.

"During gasification, we align the flow to one measurement section at a time, with real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of flow, speed, temperature and pressure", reported Vinicius Araujo.

“In addition to being an important operational milestone for NTS, the start-up of the PE/PR RPBC will increase the reliability of the flow measurement of gas moved to the refinery”, explained Mauricio Casado.

Operations of this magnitude allow:

  • Lower maintenance and logistics costs;
  • Broad benefits in the gas and energy market with more efficient delivery to Refineries, Local Distributors and Thermoelectric Power Plants (UTEs);
  • Greater availability of measurement systems and spare parts (redundancy gains);
  • Improved interoperability and data exchange.

Ultimately, all this technology results in a more competitive industry, with the possibility of optimizing companies' costs and consequently reducing prices for the final consumer.

Once again, NTS participates in market changes, promotes the country's development through technology, prioritizes customer satisfaction and is committed to being a world-class company.