Last month, in partnership with Instituto da Criança, we held a Social Workshop in Cachoeira de Macacu, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with the intent of sharing knowledge and tools to empower social entrepreneurs from that region.

This initiative had the support from the Secretariat for Social Promotion and Labor, the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA) and the Casa de Arte Wellington Lyra (CAWELL). The event was held in two days, when 20 people cooperated and shared a lot of content.

Among the topics covered in the Workshop, we highlight:

- The importance of documentation in the Third Sector;
- Overview of incentive laws - federal, state and municipal;
- Elaboration of social projects;
- Enhancement of articulations and partnerships in the Third Sector;

Here at NTS, we are committed to the communities where we operate. We want and can transform their future. Come with us!