A NTS team with members of its legal section (Daniela Russio and Bruno Piloto) and its commercial/regulatory section (Ricardo Pinto and Maurício Lopes) traveled to Europe between May 5th and 17th for a regulatory benchmarking mission.

In this period, the team participated in a workshop on gas transportation tariffs and also visited regulatory agencies, associations and top-class gas transportation companies in Europe. The “regulatory mission” was an opportunity to acquire knowledge and reinforce connections. 

Maurício and Bruno participated in a course promoted by the Energy Regulators Regional Association - ERRA, in Budapest, on tariff mechanisms applicable to Europe. They have come back with a certification on tariffs in the Entry/Exit model (Capacity Weighted Distance model). They explain that until this day the European market is still enhancing this model, and the same process will probably be seen in Brazil.

“The transition in Europe has lasted many years, and it will have to be the same way in Brazil. Here the process tends to be easier because we already have their example to follow and also because here it is one only country, as there the members were from 28 different nationalities”, explains Maurício.

“We have identified similarities and differences with relations to their market and ours in the moment of transition. The trip has allowed us to obtain technical subsidies to go through this process”, adds Bruno. “We were in contact with various outputs about the same market, because we’ve met with associations, regulators and transportation companies”.

In addition to have participated on the workshop, NTS has also visited the following agencies:

- FGSZ (main Hungarian carrier and capacity allocation platform manager)
- E-Control (Austrian regulator)
- AGGM (Austrian market area manager)
- CEGH (Austrian gas trading platform manager)
- SNAM (main Italian carrier)
- ENTSOG (association of European carriers)
- IEA (International Energy Agency)
- GRTgaz (main French carrier)