NTS carried out on June, 13th, the gasification of the new Cubatão Delivery Point, located in Cubatão/SP. The entry into operation of this asset allows the supply of Natural Gas directly from the GASAN pipeline to COMGAS.

The gasification and commissioning of PE-Cubatão II aimed to allow the delivery of gas to the local distribution company COMGAS, through an own NTS facility. The activity had a task force integrated by the Operations Managements (Coordination of the Operational Control Center (CCO) and Coordination of Measurement and Quality – M&Q) and Gas Pipelines (Coordination of the Mauá Base) of NTS, in conjunction withthe operational area of COMGAS and RPBC.

This new installation, with a capacity of 1.5 MM m³/d, replaces the old delivery point that was located within the RPBC refinery area and is equipped with an operating system composed of 4 modules: filtration, heating, pressure regulation and flow measurement. The gas delivery is controlled around 21 kgf/cm², and the measurement system consists of two ultrasonic measurement segments and an in-line chromatography system.

The planning of field activities by the Pipeline team involved the execution of a series of tests of the stations operating system, and was coordinated by Danilo Ori. The detailed
preparation step, including the testimony of the field team, can be accessed in another post of our blog, by clicking here.

Prior to the gasification, the responsibilities between Petrobras (Shipper) and NTS (Carrier and Operator) were defined, articulated by the M&Q Coordinator, Mauricio Casado. The technical analysis of the Engineering flowcharts, details of the measurement system and the organization of the technical meetings between NTS, RPBC and COMGÁS, by Eng. Vinicius Araujo. The operational redundancies, operational procedures and the receipt of data in the supervisory system, by the specialists Gustavo Neves, Jorge Alex and Jurandyr Rabello.

Check out the testimonies of the professionals involved in the operation:

"Prior to the gasification activities, we carried out several point-to-point tests, equipment by equipment, in order to analyze the real conditions of PE-Cubatão II and plan the operation in a safe way, ensuring the integrity of the facilities, the continuity of the supply and especially the safety of our  employees." reported Danilo Ori.

"The entry into operation of PE-Cubatão II allowed the deactivation of PE-Cubatão I, as it made it possible to send natural gas directly to COMGÁS without going through RPBC, ensuring greater accuracy in monitoring the operational conditions of flow, speed, temperature and pressure." reported Measurement Engineer Vinicius Araujo.

"The segregation of the measurement of the volumes handled by PE-Cubatão II was a long time desire of the loader (Petrobras) to improve traceability and operational reliability", reported the measurement coordinator Maurício Casado.

"The alignment between all those involved was fundamental for the success of the start of the operation of the PE Cubatão II, with internal meetings of the CCO to define operational instructions, through the tests carried out in the supervisory system with the support of the SCADA Team, planning of the activities with the team of the Base of Mauá and M&Q team, and external meetings with technical teams of COMGÁS and RPBC" commented the coordinator of the CCO, Henrique Costa.

And so, NTS once again reinforces its position as a world-class pipeline operator, expanding its infrastructure and playing a prominent role in the opening and development of the Natural Gas market in the country.