We just delivered another great NTS project! After 19 months and almost 500,000 hours worked, we completed the construction of the GASDUC III Tunnel, located in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu, RJ, which had 3,488 m of its 3,758 m of its length repaired.

A complex project, full of limitations and challenges that we completed two months ahead of schedule, without accidents and without impacting the operation of the 180-kilometer, 38-inch-diameter pipeline that connects the Southeast Grid to one of the main receiving points (TECAB), being an important supply source for Baixada Fluminense.

In all, there are 5 Thermoelectric Power Plants (Norte Fluminense; Mario Lago; Termorio I; Termorio I and UTE Baixada Fluminense) and REDUC powered by GASDUC III. Therefore, we planned each detail for months so that nothing would go wrong.

In addition to the technical part and commitment to the environment, we made a point of absorbing the local workforce, almost 50% of the team, despite the specialized knowledge required to perform the work. In addition, we promoted campaigns in the region's schools and revitalized the Cachoeiras de Macacu Municipal Garden, in compliance with the environmental condition. Undoubtedly, a major project that enaged about 250 employees.