NTS has successfully completed its first HAZOP, at ECOMP Taubaté. The Hazard and Operability Study, known as HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study), is an inductive and structured technique to identify process hazards and potential operation problems by systematically associating a set of guide words with process variables.

For each identified deviation, its causes, consequences, detection modes and existing safeguards are listed, recommending additional measures when necessary. In all, 4 more HAZOPs will be held covering all NTS Compression Stations.

In the Taubaté process, the technical group evaluated 12 nodes (logical division of the installation based on process steps or functions), out of the 20 total, covering all equipment and processes exclusive to this ECOMP.

The strengths demonstrated during the risk study were:

  • Highly technical team that knows the NTS facilities in depth – the discussions reached an exceptional level of detail, rarely found in risk studies of this type;
  • Opening for discussion and debate – the team had the opportunity to exchange experiences, debate possibilities and technical standards;
  • Knowledge equalization – tests, experiences and experiences were shared openly;
  • Multidisciplinary team – Employees from various departments were present, which helped in the process of evaluating a raised risk.

The next HAZOP will be held the week of July 4th to 8th, in Campos Eliseos.