The annual NTS meeting, held on April 28th, had a clear focus in 2021: in addition to the celebration of the company's 4th year, the proximity to primarization and the Long Term Program were highlights. Held online, the event brought together leaders and their teams, who took advantage of the moment to reinforce the feeling of integration.

“With joy, we are reunited to celebrate another year of achievements and the great challenges that lie ahead. Coming soon, our turnaround comes after 3 years of hard work. As always, maintaining what is most important to NTS: the people, the security and the reliability of the deliveries. For this reason, we have been looking to innovate and we are doing all this thinking about what is best for our future customers.”, said NTS’s CEO, Wong Loon.

As the moment served to commemorate this goal in the NTS’s history, videos were presented with the Operational Control Center and the bases: Campos Elíseos, Betim, Taubaté, Volta Redonda and Mauá.

“The OCC is a remote and centralized operation solution from a world-class operator and has a team of uninterrupted, highly qualified staff”, reinforced Eduardo Merçon, Operations manager, referring to the video.

The five base coordinators presented the locations that each one is responsible for and explained the development of the areas: “Our mission is to transport gas that is safe and sustainable, taking care of our employees and the communities around us.”, said the Maintenance Coordinator of Taubaté, Marcus Bicalho.

In addition, managers from different areas presented topics that guide the company's day-to-day activities: Health and Safety; Productivity; Risk management; Diversity; Compliance and Innovation.

"Integrity is a fundamental element of NTS’s Culture and, therefore, we created the Conexão Compliance campaign, designed for this very different and special moment that we are living in," said Bárbara Avolio, Compliance Manager.

Helio Santos, General Manager for HSE, reinforced another value of NTS: safety. “Our area created a continuous program named Zero Harm, based on people, facilities and an integrated risk management system. We are the guardians, but we work in a unified way. Safety is everyone's role!”.

Another topic addressed at the meeting was the new gas market. For Edson Real, Commercial and Regulatory Director, the law will bring speed, competitiveness and liquidity to the national market. "From now on, the opening will bring new customers, investments in infrastructure and more agile processes for expanding the transport network".

To end the event, Wong arranged a chat with Henrique Neves, Director General of Hospital Albert Einstein and Carmen Migueles, Research Professor at Ebape/FGV. Together, they discussed fundamental themes for the key turning point of NTS: the importance of teamwork; empowerment and autonomy at work; excellence and how to foster trust among employees.

Carmem explained that by guaranteeing access to information and improving procedures, the organization has a safe operation. "Trust comes from strong knowledge and appropriate behavioral attributes," she said. Neves stressed the importance of team integration, the use of available instruments, protocols and spaces for experimentation, in order to make better decisions and, consequently, achieve excellence.