One of the major projects carried out by the NTS Engineering team in 2020 is the construction of the Guapimirim Natural Gas Receiving Point. The ANP's authorization for the construction was given in October 2019 and the kickoff was in March this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work started between May and June. Activities are at a very advanced pace and should be completed soon.

PR Guapimirim's objective is to receive the gas processed at Comperj's Natural Gas Processing Unit (UPGN) - which is under construction by Petrobras, and which will handle the pre-salt production.

“With a capacity of more than 18MM m³ / day (20 ° C, 1 atm), using state-of-the-art technology and strict safety criteria, the project contributes to increasing the flexibility of the transport network with the inclusion of another gas inlet close to the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeir ”, explains Specialist Engineer Fernando Nunes.

Construction and assembly involved 28 people on site (18 directly and 10 indirectly) between July and August. As the operation takes place in parallel to another Petrobras project - which will reverse GASERJ to provide a temporary interconnection to PR Guapimirim -, this physical proximity required logistics work to optimize space on site and also time. In this way, the construction of the PR was divided into 4 “waves” of activities, described below:

1st wave: Manufacture of metal structures, piping and pre-assembly in the contractor's pipe shop;
2nd wave: Installation of sleepers, concreting the civilian bases, transport and positioning on the bases of the Skids and Spools;
3rd wave: Assembly and adjustment of Skids and Spools;
4th wave: Electrical assembly, instrumentation and automation; Completion of the assembly for the Initial Receipt Term (TRI) and Commissioning.

Efficient planning provided a good pace for the work, which should ensure that the TRI is received in the coming weeks.