NTS at ATGás stand

Throughout all the days of Rio Oil & Gas, NTS will be participating in lectures with its partners in the sector at the ATGás stand (Armazém IBP, 1 floor, stand J13). Check out the topics that our team will participate in below:

  • 9/26 (Monday)

14:00 to 14:45 | Transport fees
Speaker: Tereza Sanges (NTS Commercial Manager) and Júlia Gomes (NTS Commercial Analyst)

5pm to 6pm | Supply of gas transport capacity: market opportunities and supply schedule
Organizer: Claudia Sousa
Speakers: Speakers: Camilo Munoz (NTS); Luisa Franca (TAG); Denise Sayão (TBG)

  • 9/27 (Tuesday)

16:00 to 16:45 | Career opportunities
Speaker: Beatriz Taranto, People and Management Manager at NTS

5pm to 6pm | Discover the Capacity Offering Portal (POC) and the hiring process
Organizer: Eduardo Mamede
Speakers: Speakers: Maurício Lopes (NTS); Cristina Sayão (TAG); Robson Coelho (TBG)

  • 9/28 (Wednesday)

3:00 pm to 3:45 pm | Balancing
Speaker: Philipe Krause, Commercial Coordinator at NTS

5pm to 6pm | Roundtable: Natural gas transport system: An integrated platform for competitiveness and security of supply
Organizer: Rogerio Manso
Speakers: Helder Ferraz (NTS); Ovídio Quintana (TAG); Jorge Hijjar (TBG)

  • 9/29 (Thursday)

3:00 pm to 3:45 pm | Construction of new transport facilities: follow the development of the Brazilian network
Organizer: Claudia Sousa
Speakers: Dante Dornelas (NTS), Eric Courtalon and Américo Barreto (TAG) Marcelo Saavedra (TBG)

16:00 to 16:45 | Market Transition Opportunities and Challenges
Organizer: Eduardo Mamede
Speakers: Maurício Lopes (NTS); Cristina Sayão (TAG); Cecilia Mendes (TBG)

Rio Oil & Gas Studio

  • September 27

2pm to 3pm
Chat between Erick Pettendorfer (CEO), Helder Ferraz (Commercial Director), Professor Edmar de Almeida and João Montenegro, from BNamericas

Cocktail | 3pm to 4pm
OSB presentation at the opening.
Location: Studio 3.

CEO Talks

  • September 29

12:00 to 12:45 | CEO Talks
Speaker: Erick Portela (CEO NTS)
Location: Plenary

Submission of articles

  • September 28

8:30 am | Presentation Article "Transition of Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry"
Authors: Raquel Holsbach, Danilo Sousa, Marcelo Sakane, and Leonardo Alexandre.
Location: Plenary 14 in the Congress Pavilion

9:15 am | Presentation Article "Implementation of a Professional Qualification Program: Opportunities and Challenges"
Authors: Márica Bastos, Henrique Costa, Caetano Frisoli, Fabricio Bellotti, Beatriz Taranto and Bruna Fonseca.
Location: Lounge 3