Wong Loon, NTS’ CEO, was chosen, in an assembly held on November 29th, as the Executive Director of the Brazilian Institute of Oil, Gas and Biofuels (IBP). For Wong, the fact that NTS was chosen for this important role is a great honor and also a reflection of the hard work at the company.

“IBP is a strong institution both in the upstream and downstream areas. The new management intends to review IBP’s role, and I thought it was a fantastic opportunity, as a NTS’ representative, to contribute to the midstream area, which is still rising within IBP. Today, because of the new Gas Law, the transportation sector has gained increasing importance, and changes will be made because of this process. So it is the moment to strengthen IBP in this specific area”, says Wong.

Wong highlights the strengthening of NTS’ presence, now linked to a traditional and credible institution such as the IBP.

“It is a ‘win-win’ relationship. We will contribute with the Institute with the peculiarities of our business, as well as they give strength and confidente  to NTS”, says Wong.